Gideon, in search of the truth

Search for answers Gideon: In search of the truth takes you along with Van Meijeren on his search for answers to these and more questions about the corona crisis. Questions that live with the population, but to which he, and therefore the people in the country, do not get answers in the House of Representatives. A place where Van Meijeren often feels like a 'calling in the desert'. Where he does not get answers to his 'justified pressing' questions. Where instead he is invariably framed and judged for the form, which makes any kind of democratic debate impossible in advance. At the beginning of October last year, Van Meijeren asked sixty parliamentary questions about the corona policy. The questions included the scientific substantiation, the experimental nature of the vaccines and the unexplored long-term side effects. But also about the usefulness of the QR code and the social disruption and polarization that have been caused by it. Because the ministry has been refusing to answer his answers for months, Van Meijeren started a search himself. By not answering his questions, the constitutional right to information becomes, according to Van Meijeren, in fact a dead letter. "I can't do my job if I don't get answers to questions. Because my most important task is to control the government, which is accountable. And if she doesn't, you end up in a situation where a small group of people have a lot of power, but are not accountable. And that's a very dangerous situation."

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